The Gloves Come Off

A few years ago Aaron Sorkin (creator of The West Wing) lashed out at bloggers as people who sit in the dark in obscurity in their pajamas and can say anything they want to say regardless of their credentials.

 Okay – that’s somewhat true — as I am still in my pajamas as I write this first entry. In fact, the truth is I’m in my pajamas all day every day.  That’s because I’ve been a freelance writer for many years. My articles on television and film, health, cops/crime, chefs/food, architecture/design, travel/culture have been published in Variety, Emmy, Script, Creative Screenwriting, Los Angeles Times, St. Louis Magazine, Hospitality Design and many other publications.  

 That may sound impressive, but the truth is – my mother’s worried about me.  No matter how many celebrities I meet, she always says, ‘Show me the money!”  In other words, why can’t I earn a real salary?  And when she calls, she says, “Are you dressed yet? When are you getting dressed?” 

 If only she knew how bad it actually is. The Fed-Ex guys know – they yell from the bottom of the driveway – “Hey!  Fed-Ex here!” so they can avoid surprising me in my skivvies.  Once, on a sweltering hot day in September, I fell into a power nap at around 3 p.m. clad in only a bra and panties (it was hot, after all), and woke to find a package sitting next to my head.  Apparently, the courier from a well-known cable network had opened the screen, tip-toed in and set it there.  I’m lucky I’m alive. 

 Frankly, I’m an extremely dark human being.  Deep deep down.  I hate that this online shit has taken over.  I like newsprint on my hands. I like using my library card. I like kicking back on the couch with a magazine. And yet here I am, joining in. So if you join in with me, here’s what you’ll get:

 —     my take on being here in L.A. – what I love about it (TELEVISION!) but also what sucks about this town.. The stuff you don’t know until you’ve suffered profoundly. 

 —     the low-down (names may be changed) on people I’ve worked with or met or written about, whenever there’s a good story to tell.

 —    Straight-up coverage (as straight as I get) of events I cover – the ones my friends in Missouri think are so frickin’ glamorous.  Ha!

 —    Off-the-cuff articles about my true passion – television.  It’s why I came out here, and I have a lot to say about it.

 By the way, I’m a technophobe who resists the latest innovations.  It’s all I can do to use the cut and paste feature on my PC.  So it’s ironic that the title of my blog, The Daily Feed, is a technical term. In broadcasting, it refers to the national feed that a tv network like NBC sends to its local affiliates around the country.  Well, since my blog is a feed from my brain, think of me as a network.  My insights, experiences, thoughts will all come beaming at you. 

 Of course I expect people to comment, disagree and expand on my diatribe.  And I hope to link to other articles and web sites, including my own, which features samples of my published work.

 Unfiltered.  Uncensored.  Real.  I’m taking the gloves off, baby.

 Bring it on!  I can take it.



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5 responses to “The Gloves Come Off

  1. Amy Dawes

    Awesome! Congrats on jumping into the pajama party. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Sylvia

    ‘Bout time! I too have jumped in this blogger lake. Not that I’m complaining — in the scheme of things, being online has its place. Scooch over.

  3. Leah Gleason

    As always, you’re my journalistic hero! I’m excited for your new venture . . . this will keep you in the game a while longer. Interesting how some people never change . . . the first time I met you in college was when you lived across the hall from me on Stewart . . . you were in your robe! Ha! You can count on me to read your blog. You go girl!

  4. Diane

    From one technophobe to another, congratulations. One more for my favorites list.

  5. Denise

    I’ve got The Daily Feed bookmarked for a regular read. I would’ve loved seeing you awaken from your power nap only to find that package by your head! Too funny. I’m looking forward to following your blog, Shelley! All the best to you.

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