Last night’s episode of The Good Wife shows lead character, Alicia Florrick (played to perfection by Julianna Margulies)  as a true competitor who fights hard to keep her job.  But she definitely has gotten herself into something with her husband’s political consultant. And she has made an enemy although I’m a bit surprised (given the trailer for next week’s episode) that  Cary (Matt Czuchry)  will go to bat to destroy her and her husband (Chris Noth).  While Cary would be mad, that storyline lacks credibility. Sure, he went on his own campaign to be kept on as the junior associate, making cracks about her age, etc. but really?

Believe me, I love that Alicia is no push-over and quietly oozes strength and independence but if you get in bed with the devil…be prepared!!! And I don’t mean devil in any Biblical sense or fire and brimstone…I mean ethically and morally.

This show explores those gray areas and doesn’t deal in strictly good and bad, black and white….like with the mysterious Kalinda (the scene stealer Archie Panjabi)…thought her attraction was to women but last night the chemistry with the detective sizzled…love that subplot!!! Does she kiss him because she’s attracted…yes, mabye…but does she want the flow of information to keep coming to help out her law firm…yes.

I do have one complaint, though. Tread carefully showrunners if you were trying to make Alicia more likeable. I’ve got to believe that even though Noth has been jailed and is not working for a long time that there was some savings in their bank accounts, investments…that she could cash out to help the family’s finances. It seems though that  the creators wanted to show her paying her bills and being frustrated or anxious so we (the viewers) would sympathetic to her actions…as cutthroat as any man.

Come on creators — don’t throw in the towel now on this great character and try to make her more likeable…PLEASE.  She is flawed, multi-faceted, vulnerable yet tough, a mother yet a career woman…a survivor — in short a real flesh and blood woman on the small screen. Amen.


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