If you watch or even if you don’t, catch tonight’s episode of Parks and Recreation on NBC.  Rob Lowe and Adam Scott begin their run as  good cop/bad cop state auditors who wreak havoc with the bureaucratic staff in led by Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope.

As co- creator and Executive Producer Greg Daniels, who serves as showrunner and developed the popular and Emmy Award winning series The Office for NBC,  pointed out a few weeks ago at NBC’s summer press day, this storyline is ripped from today’s headlines as  municipalities all over the county are going bankrupt. 

Once Lowe comes in and flashes his pearly whites it’s up to Scott as Ben Wyatt to really do the dirty work and inform the bureaucrats in Pawnee, IN, that they’ve mishandled their money and stuff is going to be cut. But it’s not just certain programs, but also people, too. So,  it’s a timely yet serious predicament for a comedy to tackle…but tackle it they do.  

The tension between cynical Scott and idealistic and positive Poehler’s characters, says Michael Schur, the other co-producer executive producer of the show, really adds an edgy dynamic to the show. And Scott, who’s hilarious on Starz’s Party Down is first-rate.

Certainly a great way to lead up to the ending of their season with no doubt a cliffhanger that leaves some jobs truly hanging in the balance.


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