Returned to Los Angeles yesterday after a long visit with family back in my tiny hometown in Missouri. While there, I spent tons of time with my just turned six year old nephew but little watching television. Last night I watched the end of The Tudor’s, one of my favorite shows (my sister doesn’t have Showtime) and I don’t like watching television, yes I’ll say it, on my computer. A satisfying finale, especially for a junkie about this period of history who has also devoured books and movies on Queen Elizabeth and enjoyed seeing her beginnings. Especially liked Henry dealing with past be-headed wives, too. And for as small an actor as Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is, the costumes, facial hair helped him transform into the older Henry VIII. But it’s his close friend and confidante,  Charles Brandon, played by the sexy yet understated  Henry Cavill, that always had my full attention. Someone snap him up quick for something else.     The show garnered four Emmy nominations, and Showtime really made out this year in nomations for other shows, richly deserved, too. As hard as it is sometimes to watch Nurse Jackie, I do because of the truth that originates from the characters.  And Dexter’s last season was absolutely one of its strongest and with its shocking conclusion, I’m full of anticipation on what the writers will do now. Really looking forward to the new show, The Big C.

Moving on to HBO. I also watched the first two episodes of Hung last night. And it was a mixed bag of tricks. I’m sorry but their two children just seem to belong to another family so I hope the writers are planning a storyline where they’re adopted because I wish I could say it was inspired or bold casting but it just seems ALL WRONG. I really lose interest when it moves to the children’s storylines.

Thomas Jane is sublime…and as a passionate bowler I liked the scenes of him with Anne Heche, his ex-wife, but not sure about seeing him thrusting a pregnant woman, although that’s a compelling storyline. I recently ran into a few couples  who married, built these gigantic new homes only to divorce quickly and now the For Sale signs outside these shells of what might have been are all that’s left of the love. Where does the love go?

But as the pimp seeking advice from another pimp, Jane Adams performance as Tanya Skagle was inspired and I definitely want to see her become more confident, come into her own this season against the shrill and totally irritating Lenore, played by Rebecca Creskoff.  Even though she was right that the expensive garment given to Tanya was all wrong. 

I’d like to see these episodes become a bit more compelling going forward and they better lead up to a confrontation between ex-wife and ex-husband in an expensive hotel room. Are you with me?


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