USA Network’s Double Feature — WHITE COLLAR and COVERT AFFAIRS

While on the two and a half day drive from Missouri to Los Angeles, I did collapse in my motel room at night yet I also was able to watch the season premiere of USA’s White Collar and the new drama, Covert Affairs. While I know I am probably in the minority in this opinion, I really like watching Tim DeKay as the FBI agent Peter Burke. He isn’t quite as suave as Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey and probably would look awful and outright dowdy in a hat, but he’s sexy and devilish in his own quiet way, and he cares about his “partner” and one time criminal he took down. They make a great team, one of the best on television really and their banter and quips usually work as does their cat and mouse game. The chemistry between friend and fellow con man played by Willie Garson (Sex in the City) is evident. Now that Caffrey’s former love of his life is supposedly gone, she exploded in a plane in the first season finale, showrunner please give him a few dates. Remember the film Disturbia, an ankle bracelet can be a sexy prop to a lady, a bit dangerous, a sign of the bad boy ( in that case played by Shia LeBeouf).

A satisfying first episode to the second season and a great lead-in for the network-lite’s new drama, Covert Affairs. If you can suspend some major disbelief — and believe me you must buy-in to the premise that a world traveler just happens to have a hankering to join the CIA, and the man she met on an island vacation and fell madly in love with who left her in the middle of the night just happens to be a CIA agent on the lam, it’s a fun show. Piper Perabo is pretty and sexy enough to play the lead but not to the point where she’s not believable and the rest of the casting works, too. It’s a  traditional or formal type of show that we might have seen before with a twist but the relationship with her sister is a nice touch, but writers please get rid of dialogue like in the pilot where the sister says, “you’d make a terrible spy.” Come on, how dead on and flat is that?

As implausible as it may be the romantic in me (or the truly dysfunctional masochist) can’t help but like the fixation on the one that got away, only he didn’t he’s in the same town and protecting his lover. That could be a worthy subplot but the will they meet or won’t they meet tension is already established…so come on writers, will they or won’t they? Only time will tell if it works but it’s always wonderful to see a female lead in a show who gets to do something, kick some ass and look good in high heels (although sure most CIA operatives wear comfortable shoes).  But solid potential and hopefully writers will bring out why she’s a danger freak, what draws her to it…what drew her to the man who she thinks got away…

Love seeing Peter Gallagher, too.

As Monk is gone and I never liked Psych  White Collar was a welcome sight on the network and now with Covert Affairs the network has a strong duo.


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