After watching the first two episode of the sixth and latest season of TNT’s The Closer Kyra Sedgwick still delivers as police chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, and really is more identifiable than ever. I totally relate to her resistance to change, new technology and anything really that gets in the way of doing her job. Even though her personality is very familiar now, her ticks and physicality no longer jarring she remains a presence and her talents in crime solving and inducing confessions still superior. after last night’s episode I felt my time in front of the tube was well served. It still irks me that showrunner James Duff has no women in the writer’s room…totally inexcusable…but since the character is based on his relatives perhaps he doesn’t feel a female voice is needed. During an interview years ago he said that few women like to write about crime…I emphatically beg to differ. But I digress.

Now to Rizzoli & Isles…the writing is just too dead-on…and the definition of character through clothing, while always a part of the layering of any character, is relied on too much here and the crimes the duo of Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander solve are so gruesome and over the top (serial killers are RARE in the crime spectrum) that their “lite” banter and laid back behavior just doesn’t work for me. Please TNT don’t go entirely USA-lite in your programming…dark is good, look at Mad Men and Breaking Bad…I know they don’t have the ratings of The Closer, but at least there the detectives take their jobs very seriously and they can be intense as real-life detectives are…I spent a year riding with the homicide detectives in the city (not the county) of St. Louis and although they can banter and hang while at their desks…when they are at a crime scene that’s definitely not the case.  I love finding out as much as possible about the characters private lives too as I grew weary of Law & Order  and the franchises quite a while ago.  But writers (and this definitely goes for USA Network’s Covert Affairs, please remember the subtext of the character because we as viewers don’t have to have it all spelled out for us…ok?


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