Give me In Treatment, Big Love But You Can Have Boardwalk Empire

Ok I know I’m in the minority here but I just can’t get worked up about HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Despite its impressive pedigree, the pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese and its a creator and showerunner Terence Winter, a writer on The Sopranos,  I find myself unable to watch it…so instead I read what other television writers have said about the drama, which premieres this Sunday. Most of what’s been written is good but nothing that predicts glory for this series, starring Steve Buscemi. Part of my apathy is because I’m not interested in Atlantic City now or back in the 1920’s and I don’t see Buscemi, who I have loved in many films such as Fargo, as someone that’s charismatic enough to lead this drama. 

It’s not just that it’s a period piece, I loved Showtime’s The Tudor’s, it’s the storyline that leaves me cold.  Granted I have to admit that I also didn’t watch Dexter’s first season, believing that the subject matter wasn’t something I wanted to bring into my living room and then watched the entire first season in one weeked and am now a huge fan…so I guess I’m saying we all have our own prejudices and judgements.  A fellow writer and friend just doesn’t get Mad Men, despite consecutive Emmy wins for Best Drama…and I don’t watch Glee…or The Office or 30 Rock so there you go.

I’m a huge fan of most of HBO’s dramas and the trifecta of True Blood, Hung and Entourage ending their seasons definitely leaves my Sunday evenings a bit dull…thank God truly for PBS’ Masterpiece Mysteries and AMC’s Mad Men. I eagerly await the return of In Treatment and Big Love and the premiere of Enlightment…starring Laura Dern.

The entire new menu of television shows leaves me a bit lackluster, too. Very few pilots grabbed me and despite loving dark crime dramas, few of the new ones have made my “must see” list. Everyone buzzed about LoneStar, but I don’t know. I may watch the pilot and then go from there..will definitely try and get on board for NBC’s The Event and Hawaii Five-O on CBS because I really like the work of Scott CaanBut we all must wait and see…many of the new dramas and comedies won’t be around months of now and there will be the usual fallout. 

Until then, I’m content to watch Dateline and programming on Discover ID and that Parenthood’s new season is off to a good start (sorry NBC but I just am not into Outlaw, Undercovers). The second season of CBS’ The Good Wife begins on September 28, and  I’m enjoying The Big C. Stillsome show will emerge as a big winner and somebody will come along and shake things up. We will all just have to wait and “see.”


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