Sorry, but The Cape didn’t do a thing for me. But then I’m not big on superheroes, either. Real messed up human beings is all I need to be entertained and hopefully be provoked to think about something other than the fact that NBC paid someone  a lot of money to make that show, and other writers got jobs on it, too.  And it’s not good.

So, I’m glad that The Event is returning on Monday night as I really was enjoying where this show left off. Skeptical, I was pleasantly surprised by the pilot of The Event.  While it didn’t arouse the same kind of intense reaction as the Lost pilot, the drama has potential and I’m still watching after ten episodes of 22 have aired. 

Despite the high-concept premise of the ground-breaking drama, what I liked most about Lost were the relationships and character backstories and flash forwards and backs in time. The Event has the chance to add the same type of character layering and so far it has peeled the onion back a bit. At first I wasn’t that keen on Jason Ritter (as much as I love Parenthood I didn’t buy him in the role as Lauren Graham’s potential love interest) in such a leading role but he delivered and his strong performance has definitely anchored the storylines.  And his girlfriend, Leila is an alien…hey, there’s Twilight elements here but if a human and a bloodsucker can work, why not an alient/human relationship.

Blair Underwood is strong as the President. It’s great to see Zeljko Ivanek   (Damages, True Blood) back as another intriguing character, and with the CIA, too.

I gave this drama more than a chance of surviving what I found to be a very lackluster new television season overall. The writers must learn from the mistakes of other similar shows, though. I watched the first four episodes of ABC’s FlashForward too and then stopped watching…intitially I loved the opportunity to see if the characters could change their fate foreseen in the mass blackout but then the plot, the actually story lost me. I hope that’s not the case with The Event as the set up is compelling and there were enough twists that caught me off guard. it doesn’t seem to be falling into the traps of other shows by making us wait to long for reveals and plot points, either. So that’s a welcome relief.

Let’s hope it once again gains some traction. Virginia Madsen joins the cast and there’s supposedly other surprises in store.


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