CBS’The Good Wife is soooo Good – New Episode Tonight

The premiere of the second season of CBS’ The Good Wife, did not disappoint! This is women’s empowerment all the way and the writers haven’t backed off on Alicia’s journey of self-discovery. While I haven’t made a decision on who she should be with Will( Josh Charles) or husband (Chris Noth) but hubby scores points with me and I’m sure Alicia, Ha., for the wonderful bathroom scene where, turned on by her assertive, take-no- bullshit-court demeanor, goes down on her…although, that scene could have gone on a bit longer…but very good!!!!

Here’s comment from creator and showrunner (with his wife Michelle) Robert King during a recent panel at TCA on the title:  “I think it’s actually very descriptive I think the comment I made was it would have been niceto be ironic and call it “The Sexy Wife” or “The Sexy   Wife Whose Husband Goes Down On Her” or something like  that. That might have brought in more people.”   

And seeing Kalinda (Emmy award winning actor Archie Panjabi) in action is so satisfying, especially when she pushes the male investigator away…love it. These women drive the storylines and that makes it one of the must see TV shows on the air…not sure about the new people, although watching the new partner, played by Michael Ealy, won’t be too hard but let’s hope it adds to the drama because right now it feels like there may be too many people in the law office.


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