HBO’s IN TREATMENT IS Just the Therapy I Need

Since the show premiered on HBO several seasons ago, I have been a fan. But this year, I especially like the storylines including the one for psychotherapist Dr. Paul Weston, played to perfection by Gabriel Byrne who can say so much with just a subtle twist of his features. I’m so hooked into all three patients’ lives as they definitely deal with timely subject matter and issues but Weston’s seem most perplexing particularly because of the therapist he’s seeing played by Amy Ryan, who’s laser sharp beam of intelligence and insight seems to put him a bit off-balance. But at least he’s getting his money’s worth, as are his three patients, although they may not realize it.

While Sunil (Irrfan Khan) and his problems seem the farthest from my own, I agree with Dr. Weston that he’s got a thing for his daughter-in-law…and it’s not about breaking family tradition. But his character is so compelling in the way he rolls and smokes his cigarettes (very hard to watch for even me the occasional cigarette smoker), and the young gay boy’s brutal communication to Dr. Weston and his mother is hard to watch, his storyline about being gay and being contacted by his birth mother are revelatory in ways that seem true to life. Debra Winger, one of my favorite actresses, seems perfect to play the aging actress who is guilty about her sister’s cancer. This is must watch TV and offers something in the TV menu that just can’t be found hardly anywhere else!


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  1. I. Turner

    I love Dr. Weston! I could watch him all day. I watch him in repeat daily. I wish he could be my doctor.

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