A few weeks ago I visited the Pasadena set of Glory Daze, a new-one hour comedy series premiering on TBS on Tuesday, November 16 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT). I had seen the activity on the set every time I went to the Ralph’s grocery store across the street and wondered what show was being taped there, and then found out it was this one, about college life in the 80’s at Hayes University in Indiana.

The mansion serving as the fraternity house is a real as are the fountains and lush lawns and other mansions on set and it was quite refreshing to be there versus being on a sound stage on a lot.

Other than Tim Meadows (Saturday Night Live), who stars as a college professor going through a divorce, the cast includes faces that we haven’t seen before . But that doesn’t mean we haven’t heard them. Case in point, there’s Drew Seeley who plays a very conservative, a Republican student who’s involved with his girlfriend. The 28-year-old actor from Canada was the singing voice for Zac Efron’s character in High School Musical and has performed in some traveling Broadway shows, too. The Disney connection continues with Kelly Blatz, (star of Disney XD show Aaron Stone) who also sings but on the show is a seemingly “everyman” freshman Joel  as a pre-med major become more difficult by the beautiful girls, especially one played by the beautiful Julianna Gill who he doesn’t have a chance in hell of dating…or does he? James Earl (Turbo)  has had a recurring role on Glee also performs with his hip hop  band and Tim Jo, who’s Chang on the show, also plays and records music when he’s not acting.  Hartley Sawyer, who was a fitness trainer at a gym before landing his role as Brain, the star baseball player.

Callard Harris ( FX’s Sons of Anarchy) is frat boy Reno on the show and he has no musical talent, a fact he lamented during lunch on the set, while  Eric Nenninger who had a recurring role on Malcom in the Middle and starred in Jeepers Creepers II  is  the President of the Omega Sigma fraternity and the boyfriend of the girl Joel has a major crush on in the show.  Chris D”Elia, a stand-up comic, is a stoner in the fraternity and a long time college student in the fraternity.

While talking with the actors during the set visit, Eric mentioned that he’s from St. Louis where I lived for many years. Eric knows one of my late best friend’s mother, who taught at Ladue Jr. High School and who until she sold the house a few months ago lived down the street from Eric’s mom. It truly is a SMALL world. His brother also graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism…where by the way I did not join a sorority but was a little sister of a fraternity and that was plenty.

The actors on Glory Daze wear 80’s styles and their fraternity house is full of period props, the cassette deck, the old-time boom box and there weren’t computers everywhere, either. And people still wrote letters and sent them via mail and fax. The pilot had some laughs especially from Brad Garrett as Joe’s father in the first few minutes and a scene with Josh Brener as Zack, Joel’s roommate who’s a virgin and on a mission.  A scene with Reno (Harris)   hitting on guest star Teri Polo who’s a professor in the pilot also clicked as it’s a quick reminder of college age bravado.  

Other guest stars to appear on the show include D.L. Hughley, Michael McKean and Gina Gerson. 

 Today as I was walking around the Rose Bowl site a small crew was shooting on the football field, according to the security guard.


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