Pilar Alessandra’s The Coffee Break Screenwriter: Writing Your Script Ten Minutes at a Time

As an in-demand script consultant/instructor,  Pilar Alessandra is first a writer’s advocate (www.onthepage.tv). She’s also written a new book, The Coffee Break Screenwriter: Writing Your Script Ten Minutes at a Time that’s a very helpful tool for the screenwriter as the tips and exercises offered can be accomplished in short bursts of time, whether it’s the first or the eighth draft of a screenplay or originaly television pilot or spec.

“I wrote the book for the writer who doesn’t yet know she is a writer;  the one who has a story crawling around in her brain but thinks that she’s too busy or too much of a Hollywood outsider to write a screenplay.  I’ve worked with people from all over and I’ve seen how much they can get done when they’re given ten-minutes of focused writing time and some accessible writing tools to help them get started,” said Alesandra.  
“It’s also for the seasoned writer who needs to streamline his writing process:  the one who tears his hair out with long outlines, then labors over every word.  There’s a quicker, more efficient way to write that departs from some of the old-school ways of thinking about story and structure.  Once the writer is freed from that, he can play, experimenting with new choices for his story and characters.
I also know that everyone is busy theses days.  It’s hard to find focused writing time.  That’s why I’ve broken the book down into ten minute chunks.  Nail a sequence in your outline. Move on.  Nail a scene. Move on.  Nail a great character moment.  Move on.  Finish quickly.  Rewrite where you need it.  Polish it on your free time.  Kick it out the door.”  Pilar Alessandra
Instructor/Consultant:  On the Page, Inc.
work: (818) 905-8124
podcast: www. onthepagepodcast.com

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