New Episodes of AMC’s The Killing and HBO’s Game of Thrones Rev Up Sunday Night Viewing

I haven’t read the books by George R.R. Martin but I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, starring Sean Bean, Lena Heady and the rest of the strong cast.  Power, lust, loyalty and betrayal — it’s got it all plus great cinematography of the vistas of this fantasy land. 

New episodes of AMC’s The Killing continue to peel back the layers of the crime drama’s central story — who killed Rosie Larsen?  Based on the Danish television series Forbrydelsen, the 13-part series is set in Seattle and began with Sara Linden (Mireille Enos), the lead homicide detective finding the missing and murdered Larsen. Along with her new partner Stephen Holder (Snabba Cash), she works the crime while Larsen’s parents Mitch and Sam, played wonderfully by Michelle Forbes (True Blood) and Brent Sexton (In the Valley of Elah), deal with the loss.  The local politician, Darren Richmond (Billy Campbell), who’s connected to the case, is considered a suspect.

Enos, who played the twins Jodean and Kathy Marquart on Big Love, is great in the role of the quiet, introspective, no-nonsense detective . She’s all about getting the job done but can come off cold and detached.

“Sara spends so much time in her own mind, seeing things that other people don’t see. Where her partner processes things by talking and thinking aloud she’s quite the opposite and that makes it a beautiful relationship,” said Enos.

Shooting in Vancouver, Enos, who is a new mother of a daughter, Vesper, found it hard to play some of the scenes of the murder of a young girl, especially some with Forbes. “Anyone that spends that much time around death would have to come out the other side emotionally wrecked or a bit shut down.”

Enos can’t say enough about Veena Sud (Cold Case), the showrunner of the series I just read the latest episode and I email her and her team of writers because I feel so honored by the writing,” she said. 

The series has a lot of dark, gloomy skies, which is definitely like Seattle, and it sets a mood and tone to the piece that might be a bit cerebral to some, but I highly recommend tuning in at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The Killing is produced by Fox Television Studios.


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