Parenthood Season Finale Full of Endings and Beginnings


Tonight’s season finale of Parenthood definitely throws a few curves but nothing major like “who killed JR”  but that’s ok because the show resonates because it’s about the ups and downs of a family, in this case the Bravermans. With most new shows set in the word of cops and criminals lawyers or forensics (and I love some of them like FX’s Justified and AMC’s The Killing) Parenthood is a welcome drama on the television landscape.

As a fan of the show, my few criticisms of this episode come with some storylines that seem a bit contrived — especially with Julia (Erika Christensen) being in the hospital when her daughter’s former teacher gives birth and her husband just can’t make it to the hospital. And in the real world a novice playwright like Sarah (Lauren Graham) would have many hurdles to go through before her play is produced, but…such are my quibbles.  

As expected Amber (Mae Whitman) will be ok but shaken up and numb from her car accident until Grandpa Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) is able to get through to her how self-destructive her recent behavior has been and it’s a powerful scene. We all knew that Adam (Peter Krause) wasn’t happy at work and has been a bit edgy so it’s only natural where his professional life ends up in this episode but at home he also learns news of a wonderful, unexpected beginning.  And Crosby (Dax Shepherd) and Jasmine (Joy Bryant) will give it another try but there’s definitely the sense that it’s not a foregone conclusion that they’ll make the relationship work.

The writers have sewn up the show and this season finale does work as the end of the show, but I can’t believe NBC will not renew it for a third season. I will think of the Braverman’s (and the exception cast of actors all around) as being on a long summer vacation and eagerly look forward to their return in the fall. Hint, Hint, NBC bring this show back for a third season!!!!


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