Watch NBC’s The Voice Tonight

I don’t watch American Idol because the voting system leaves me totally irritated and often ignores who’s the most talented, but I do enjoy NBC’s America’s Got Talent because it features more than just singing and often it’s truly the most worthy who wins!

Now, with The Voice, which comes from reality show king Mark Burnett (Survivor) and modeled after a show in Hollandviewers  can be part of discovering a new talent while also seeing one of the impressive group of  judges/coaches (Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aquilera) compete to add them to their team, where they will share career savvy and hard learned insider’s tips.

Hosted by Carson Daly, the show will be different from American Idolin several ways, and is a new twist in the talent competition as reality show and definitely worth giving a try.

“Other shows have made great television of the comedy of inviting people to sing who clearly can’t sing, and I’m sure those people know they can’t  sing.  It’s part of the comedy of the show, and it  works.  We made a conscious choice to not try to do that at all, so not one person steps on that stage who wasn’t good.  Some very good, and some great,” said Burnett during a panel for the show during NBC’s  Summer Press Day held at the Langham Hotel several weeks ago.   

 Because the contestants are so talented (NBC showed a clip of one contestant singing Tim McGraw’s, “Live Like You Were Dying” hit and I was hooked) they are allowed to choose which judge will be their coach while the musical giants have to convince the contestant on why they should choose them for their coach.

“That’s s delicate thing, too, because as an artist I don’t want to do anything that might hold somebody back, and so I’m not going to beg for somebody or pick somebody that I don’t know that I can do that much for them,” said Shelton.

” I wouldn’t want to hinder them at  all.  I want to see every one of these people go on and do something because I know what they are up against and what that’s like, you know, and so the only time that you would really see us sort of go head to head is when there’s somebody that you really, really, truly believe you can help.”


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