The Good Wife’s Season Finale is Mixed Bag

Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Will (Josh Charles) finally lock lips in a scene that seemed a bit contrived…an elevator, come on that’s been done a zillion times…but then why not pop thousands for the presidential suite when you’ve waited this long to bed the love of your life. 

While their consummation was a matter of suggestion Kalinda’s roll in the sheets puts her back in action although perhaps with more of a conscious. But Jane Alexander steals the show as a rebel of a judge and Chris Noth as Peter Florick is definitely up to something.

As ambitious as Alicia is her chance for a corner office may come at a huge price…as liasion to the manipulative, cunning campaign manager as played by the wonderful Alan Cumming.

The past few episodes have been a bit “too much” for me and I found myself rooting for Noth when he challenged Alicia about Will. There’s no way Alicia and Kalinda will not get over this hurdle..and no matter what you thought about the season finale…it sets up some great storylines for next season.


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