Oprah — Gone But not Forgotten

I watched the two-day extravaganza as celebrity after celebrity trotted out to say goodbye to Oprah a bit in denial. It just didn’t seem possible that the icon was closing her shop after 25 years. But she did and she’s gone…at least on network television. But instead of retiring and writing her memoir Oprah has a cable network to run and one that’s not doing so great. Sure it’s a new network, but I can’t help but remember her involvement in Oxygen years ago, even though she was only part of the equation. Now she’s running the show or she better be and it’s obvious to anyone that Oprah better be a much bigger part of the programming equation. . .both on screen and off. I watched the reality shows about the Judds and Shania Twain and they’re ok, and the Master Class is compelling but it’s the beyond the scenes of the Oprah show that’s the hit of the network so far. Whether you found Oprah a bit too much in the past, she was a constant in the daytime landscape and more often than not her guests were provocative and inspiring and she tackled the big issues of our times. But Oprah is alway the draw…always bigger than the celebrity or the guest. She is the most powerful woman in the world but we will all have to watch and see if she can save her network. She admitted that OWN was a huge risk to her legacy, especially if it fails but no one can ever diminish what she has accomplished as a woman, as a television visionary and as a  leader of people. She may be gone but she’ll never be forgotten!!!


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