Random Missives in TV Land

Seeing Harry Potter through the eyes of my nephew makes it special viewing.

Watching a movie with my six-year-old nephew is always a pleasure, but introducing him to the Harry Potter franchise has been a special treat. He’s full of questions and I’m finding that I have most of the answers, too. I took my niece, who’s now 18, to the first three or four films and then kept going on my own bulost interest a bit by . But now, thanks to rewatching some of the early films over and over as well as tuning in to the special bios on the making of the Harry Potter films on A&E’s Biography channel, I’m once again consumed with the boy wizard gearing up for the grand finale later this summer.

AMC’s The Killing is killing me with its extremely slow pace.

I love serialized dramas  and peeling back the layers bit by bit but definitely need something more and soon. Here’s hoping this Sunday’s episode will deliver the goods.  

Thank goodness for Discovery ID!!!!


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