Wallender is back on MASTERPIECE

Sir Kenneth Branagh is back as Inspector Kurt Wallender in three new episodes for PBS’ MASTERPIECE Mystery series, beginning this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. 

A fan of the book source material by Henning Mankell, I love the darker tones of the Swedish detective solving cases in often bleak and barren landscapes. And there’s no scrimping on dysfunction in his personal life or his flaws. I was also a huge fan of AMC’s first season of The Killing, based on the Danish series called Forbrydelsen (The Crime) created by Soren Sveistrup. Produced by Vena Sud, the American version was set in raining and gloomy Seattle and featured a troubled female detective (Mireille Enos) who actually appeared sans makeup in a drab parka and jeans. Although AMC cancelled the show after its second season, Fox Television Studios is in talks with other networks, possibly DirectTV to bring it back.

The first episode of Wallender III finds him in a solid relationship with Vanya (Saskia Reeves, Luther) and  working on two new murder cases. Other cases find him in situations where he has to confront his past and his often struggling relationship with his daughter. He is no confident sleuth with all the answers but muddles along yet usually solves the case through hard work, the process of elimination and a keen intellect.

As someone who welcomes the Scandanavian explosion in crime fiction, I can’t wait!!!


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