HOMELAND Second Season Is Soooo GOOD and a Third Season is Secure

One of my favorite new shows last season, Showtimes’ Homeland just keeps getting better and better! Not only does it pick up where it left off, but within the first two episodes Carrie (Claire Daines) is redeemed and all her colleagues know she was right all along!!! Of course we knew it, too, and the season finale last year was well done but very hard to take for those of us who had to watch her meltdown and unfair treatment while still knowing she knew what was going on with Brody (Damian Lewis). Now finally Brody is brought in for questioning and it’s his life that seems to be unraveling both professionally and personally. This is GREAT television, a compelling and suspenseful drama and a show I look forward to watching. If you haven’t watched it yet…rent the first season DVD and get on board. It doesn’t get a lot better than this! It’s a much grittier, darker drama than USA’s Covert Affairs…and Carrie is such a complex, layered character and one we can all root for to succeed.


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