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Okay…I was lulled into a false sense of security on Showtime’s Homeland…as if the ongoing terrorist threat was lessened to such a degree that it no longer mattered. Brody (Damian Lewis) and Carrie (Claire Daines)  together, that’s what mattered. And then…POW! There it was the explosion the carnage and chaos. And only Saul (Mandy Patinkin) and Carrie are left to investigate…oh and the highly watchable Quinn (Rupert Friend) !!! I don’t believe that Brody is responsible for the bomb but is being set up by Nazir’s “people” to be the scapegoat, and a very believable one at that. A third season is already ordered so Carrie will work to clear Brody’s name…with Saul, I guess. But if the show had ended, I would have been satisfied with Carrie and Brody walking off in the sunset. But since that isn’t the way it’s going to be…YET, I can see future storylines examining who the hell is Saul…REALLY! Could there be any sparks between Quinn and Carrie…hey, I’m just thinking. He respects her CIA abilities and I think he likes and trusts her, too, And what will Brody be doing in Canada, investigating on his own?


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At Home with HOMELAND

I’ve been watching the first season of Showtime’s hit series HOMELAND in one sitting and it has definitely lived up to my expectations based on watching the pilot many months ago. Then I hailed the show as one of the best of the new season along with FX’s American Horror Story, both shows went on to receive major Emmy nods. So sometimes the voters do get it right!

Claire Danes, as usual, is wonderful in the part as the disturbed CIA operative and it’s obvious that the first season will end with her meltdown. Watching each episode is as obsessive as her character Carrie’s single minded focus trying to nail Brody. Her tics work and her inappropriate behavior is all believeable. Loved it when she called Saul (Mandy Patikin) a pussy. Damian Lewis is downright creepy and compelling as Brody and it’s easy to be caught up in wondering if Carrie is right…she thinks she is and her tactics of persuasion are quite sharp. Is he a psychopath who can even decieve a Polygraph…or a war veteran suffering PSD who lives with the secret that he killed Walker, his close friend and fellow marine. He and Carrie are both scarred and wounded yet he’s being honored as a war hero with an inside track to political stardom. And Carrie is equal parts repelled and attracted to Brody and above all wants to find out what makes him tick, maybe all that surveillance of him has bonded them somehow. But then she’s devestated when she finds out that she was wrong all along, and may have just lost a real relationship. There’s delusions and deceptions all around but that keeps the tension taught in the storylines. I can’t wait until the second season begins on Sunday, September 30.

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