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Winter TV Landscape Full This Month

Coming on the heels of the end of season two of Showtime’s Homeland, I’m relieved and excited that there’s so much great television commencing this month. It is a new year and winter after all, a time for hibernation and of course television watching, not that I need any other motivation than my own viewing pleasure. Still, the new and returning shows are as welcome as a rich cup of hot chocolate.

After watching episodes of season two of Downton Abbey, I’m more than ready for the beginning of seven weeks of new episodes as season three kicks off this Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on PBS. There’s so many story lines to explore and there’s also the addition of Shirley MacLaine to the amazing cast of characters…a shout out to Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith.

Already enjoyed a new episode of Parenthood on New Year’s Day and ABC’s Nashville returns with new episodes on Wednesday. ABC re-aired the pilot of the show last night and CMT hosts a marathon of the drama on Sunday, January 6 at 2 p.m. ET/PT. My sense is that the show’s ratings have gone down since the pilot and I have lost a bit of my initial passion for the show but I’m going to hang in there because I love the city of Nashville and for the music and for the amazing performances of the two leads — Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.

One of the promising new pilots, Deception, finally makes NBC’s airwaves on  Monday  and the highly anticipated drama The Following comes to Fox on January 21. Showtime’s Californication is back on January 13.

On the Case with Paula Zahn already began its new season on Discovery ID and True Crime with Aphrodite Jones begins on Monday at 10:00 p.m. The fourth season of Justified begins on FX on Tuesday, January 8. Timothy Olyphant, what more do I need to say? Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins). I totally missed season three so would prefer to catch up before I tune in to the new season, which will feature Patton Oswalt and Ron Eldard.

What more could you want?






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Justified’s Second Season Begins Tonight

Opening up the DVD containing the first three episodes of Justified’s second season, which premieres on FX on Wednesday, February 9, at 10 pm ET/PT was similar to the anticipation of unwrapping a bar or box of chocolate.  Devouring the dark delight of Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens  in one sitting was definitely delicious and  the storyline between him and his ex-wife Winona (Natalie Zea) is always fun, but it’s the relationship between him and Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) that excites most so far this season.  

In the “Moonshine War” we’re introduced to a new clan of bad guys, led by Mags Bennet (Margo Martindale), but it’s episode three “The I of the Storm” that really kicks ass. Here we see Boyd striving to change, to live a different life even though everyone else refuses to accept that transformation. Goggins’ work is perfection here and watching he and Olyphant play off of each other is a real treat, one that doesn’t inject any calories or sugar into my system but instead tantalised my intellect and emotions. He may have made a name for himself on The Shield but he does much more than simple justice to his role here.

Based on a short story by crime novelist Elmore Leonard and developed by Graham Yost (Boomtown, The Pacific) who wrote the pilot and the first episode of the second season, the FX drama is first-rate and in a category of its own. If you haven’t watched this show yet, and given the fact that neither Olyphant or Goggins were nominated for Golden Globe or SAG Awards perhaps even people in the industry haven’t, try watching the first season over a weekend. It’s definitely worth your time.

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Jonesing for Justified

Ok. It’s very simple. I love Justifed. From the minute I knew that Timothy Olyphant (Damages, Deadwood) was to play the Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylen Givens and that Graham Yost (Boomtown) was producing I was expectant and the pilot delivered.  The final line in the pilot from Raylen’s ex-wife, Winona ( “that you’re the angriest man I know” was one of the best ending lines of any pilot I’ve ever seen. . . and that incidentially would number in the hundreds. 

Even though I’ve been traveling and spending time with family, I was actually sitting on the couch on Tuesday to catch the first season finale.  And it too delivered, although I wanted more about Raylen and Winona…(Natalie Zea) but I take comfort in that the show will be back for a second season and I can wait with much anticipation I might add.  The showdown between Boyd (the amazing   Walton Goggins)  ..was necessary of course but it’s those characters and subplots that draw me in every time. Olyphant, Walton and the show, the showrunner, etc.  all deserve Emmy noms. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in finding Olyphant sexy as hell and his performance here equals that of  Deadwood. It helps that the material started with Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole,” but Yost and his other writer/producers have done a great job of keeping the tone alive, and keeping Raylen mysterious, yes angry, but vulnerable and complex…who like many of us can make a mess of things even when our hearts are seemingly in the right place.

Credit goes to FX programming execs, too, because they allow writers to develop characters who people don’t always have to like or understand but are compelling and struggle with the issues that wake many of us up in the middle of the night. When Raylen asks Winona, why him (her current husband) and not me…that resonates for anyone who longs for someone, or those of us who believes you truly may have one or two great loves of your life. What is it that brings people together and why do the same traits that attract us often repel us in the end, or become the downfall of a heated, passionate relationship?

Delving into Raylen’s tormented relationship with his dad is also first rate as anyone from a family with a heavy dose of dysfunction can relate to…you can love someone and not like them very much at all. The ties that bind can be freeing or constraining or both at the same time, but Raylen had to return to the source of his frustrations and frictions to deal with them, or at least I’m pretty sure that’s what Leonard and Yost had in mind.

While I’m ready for True Blood, Entourage and Hung to begin on HBO, and the  returns of The Closer on TNT…Justified has truly been one of my top viewing pleasures and I have watched episodes not once but twice on a regular basis.

Can Raylen sustain a relationship, can you ever really go home again, can you wrong rights and right wrongs or resolve the major barries between you and your parents? I don’t know…I struggle with some of those same issues…and wrote extensively about methamphetamine’s underbelly in rural communities, due to what’s going on in my small hometown in Missouri, in my original televison pilot, Manitou Pass. A side note, I was told it was too dark…but then Breaking Bad debuted years later…and Justified.

While the other cases Raylan works on the show have been interesting, nothing matches his time spent with Boyd, Winona, his father and Ava (Joelle Carter). Gripping, potent, it stirs up my blood and both Raylen’s anger and my hours spent watching the show are ultimately well within reason (especially for someone who is passionate about television) and justified!

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Hung in the Pasadena Library

Ok, I went to my gym in Pasadena, 24 Hour Fitness, and on the way home decided to stop by the Pasadena Library on Walnut, a beautiful library that I enjoy and use the computer lab when I want to get out of my solitary life at my own computer.  But when I pull into park, there is major filming going on and it just happens to be for HUNG on HBO. The show starring Thomas Jane who is well endowed and well …hung! Not only do I love this show but I have always enjoyed his work, and especially on this show. So here I sit and I can hear Jane’s voice as they shoot upstairs, directly above where I’m sitting…so it’s a strange but fun experience.

I actually met Jane a few months after I moved to Los Angeles. It was at a small art gallery that’s part of a large shop somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard, I think but more in the Los Feliz area. He was there with his daughter…he’s married to Patricia Arquette of MEDIUM fame. I saw him again last summer during the Television Critics Association press tour. He was on a panel to promote HUNG and seemed a bit overwhelmed if not even surly while answering questions.

But it’s hard to argue that he’s not charismatic…a man that women love and men like, too. A manly man who probably could chop wood if he had too… ruggedly handsome but not a metrosexual. I hope. It’s hard to deal with men who spend more time grooming than I do…YUCK. I “heard” he had some drinking problems, which may have something to do with my he and Arquette were separated for quite a while but I think they got back together.

As TRUE BLOOD is off the air and IN TREATMENT and other of my favorite HBO shows…I’m very glad to see HUNG in production and will be excited when it returns to air. 

Tonight is one of my favorite TV nights. I watch LOST, which I have stuck through from the very first episode. While I’m not as jazzed about it now…I am staying through to the finish and it will go down as one of the most innovative, compelling television shows ever made on television and one that changed the form but has never been imitated. Then I love CBS’s THE GOOD WIFE (finally there is a new episode tonight after several weeks of repeats) .. and NBC’s PARENTHOOD. Thank goodness for on-demand because those two dramas are on at the same time. Then I watch FX’s JUSTIFIED, which I love. But then I would watch Timothy Olyphant walk across the street, and Thomas Jane, too.

These two actors have a lot in common, at least on screen. Both sexy, rugged, charismatic…and they also starred in a movie together, too. Oh, what was it…that horror, sci-fi hybrid where they, along with Jason Lee and that wonderful British actor who was on NBC’s LIFE that was cancelled, are all in a cabin in the woods. Since childhood, they’ve all had telepathic powers…oh yeah, it’s called DREAMCATCHER and it was directed by Lawrence Kasdan. I just watched it again the other night…and what a treat it was watching those four actors, all talented, manly men but cerebral, too.

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