As a long time writer, Shelley Gabert’s articles on film and television have appeared in a variety of publications including Variety, Los Angeles Times, Script, Creative Screenwriting, American Cinematographer, Written By and the DGA magazine. She has covered television for Emmy magazine for more than a decade and for three years wrote a television column and feature articles for FilmStew.com (many picked up by yahoo and other sites).

She’s immersed herself the television industry — from the writer/producers to cinematographers.

She’s written about the craft of writing for television and interviewed the creator/producers of The Closer, Damages, Saving Grace, FlashForward, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Lie to Me, Army Wives, Rescue Me, Mad Men and Chuck, to name a few.

Over the course of many years, she has also developed an extensive array of contacts at the networks/studios from executives in programming to publicist. She attends TCA’s winter and summer press tours and is invited to many other set visits and press events.

Here are links to some of her work:

Click here to see article on David Koechner, actor and stand-up comedian and native of Tipton, Missouri and  the latest Missouri e-Life:


Missouri eLife October 2011

Cover story on country music star Sara Evans for April issue of Inside Columbiahttp://www.insidecolumbia.net/4642/2011/04/a-real-fine-place-to-start/

http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=194&attachno=1&folder=Undeliverable+Mail&x=-1979000646 – article for Emmy on Idris Elba and his work on BBC America’s Luther, for which he won a G0lden Globe Nomination.

http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=4859&attachno=1&folder=INBOX.Sent&x=527415008 – article for Emmy magazine on the trend of scripted drama influencing the creation of reality programming.

locations.pdf – an article on the Los Angeles locations used on the CBS drama Numbers.

http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=42923&attachno=1&folder=INBOX&x=1745757156 – a diary from days spent on the House set.

http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=5258&attachno=1&folder=INBOX.Sent&x=1991184255 – cover story on the writer/producers of the Showtime hit drama, Dexter, for Script Magazine, where she served as a contributing writer. She had interviewed the showrunner Clyde Phillips (a mystery novelist and creator of the critically acclaimed Boomtown) for other articles that appeared in Creative Screenwriting, but this piece featured Melissa Rosenberg (who has written all of the screenplays for the Twilight franchise) and Scott Buck, formerly a producer on HBO’s Six Feet Under.

http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/MsgAttachment?msgid=42923&attachno=2&folder=INBOX&x=-1434547355 – article on creators of How I Met Your Mother for Script Magazine

http://www.documentary.org/magazine/ida-pioneer-award-reality-tvs-original-tag-team-alan-and-susan-raymond – recent story for Documentary Magazine

CS_V16N1_KnowShow_pp42-48.pdf – a profile on TNT’s The Closer and FX’s Damages for Creative Screenwriting magazine.

www.wga.org/writtenby/writtenbysub.aspx?id=2281 – cover story for the WGA magazine, the publication of The Writer’s Guild-West.

http://bluetoad.com/publication/?i=43406&pre=1&p=119 – a feature on the filmmakers of the documentary Neither Here Nor There for Inside Columbia magazine:

Gabert has also written television specs and original pilots as well as recently investigating the reality genre.  She’s also consulted with several non-fiction short and feature filmmakers over the years, rewriting their scripts, offering suggestions on their treatments and proposals. In addition she reviewed non-fiction books for Publishers Weekly.

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